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I made this theremin DVD in the hope that it would have something in it for everyone who is interested in the instrument. Whether you are a beginner, a veteran thereminist, or simply interested in the history of the instrument and the development of the techniques and methods that have been devised to play it, this DVD will have something for you.

With a total running time of 1 hour and 43 minutes, the disk features three instruments: The Samuel Hoffman 1929 RCA theremin, the Moog Music Ethervox, and the Moog Music Etherwave. This covers every sort of theremin from the rare vintage models to the modern "entry level" instrument.


After completing this project, I sent a copy of it to the Dean of American thereminists - HOWARD MOSSMAN - for his thoughts and opinions. Howard has been involved with the theremin since the 1930's and has been a constant support and help to several generations of theremin enthusiasts (including myself) over the years. It is perhaps for this reason that he is known to many in the theremin community as "Uncle Howie" - even to those who have never met him in person and know him only through email correspondence. I did not ask Howard to write a testimonial but that is what he did and he even posted it to the www. Here is what he wrote:



Peter Pringle has been kind enough to send me an advance copy of his new DVD entitled, "How To Play The Theremin."

I knew Peter did not have experience producing or directing movies, so I was not expecting that he would come up with the incredibly professional product that this DVD represents. The title, although apt in every way, only touches on the myriad amazing visual and audio asides provided. As with all good DVD's, this one has a menu which allows the viewer to select any one of 24 different subjects concerning all, and I do mean all, aspects of the theremin.

Not only does one learn from a master how to play the theremin, but also how MIDI effects are generated and used. Various interfacing special effects equipment is also shown, including hook up configurations, and there are even clips of movies featuring the Hoffman theremin. The section on aerial fingering and the use of a pitch preview, is worth twice the price of this milestone instructional DVD.

And here is one other very special treat - Peter singing and simultaneously playing the Ethervox in MIDI mode. I must say that I was deeply moved by this segment. I can only encourage all who read this unqualified endorsement to absolutely order a copy when they become available. 

One other thing, this DVD is not a stiff, formal and pedantic instructional presentation. What Peter conveys is that you have been invited into his home as a guest and he, with charm and grace, shows you what you have come to see, hear and learn. Witticisms, and little stories, add to the easy going atmosphere of this work.

Hats off to Mr. Pringle for his unwavering devotion to advancing the cause of serious theremin interest. This DVD sets the standard by which all future instructional videos of its kind will be judged. 

Howard Mossman - 2004   



HOW TO PLAY THE THEREMIN is divided into 24 scenes which can all be accessed from the main menu at the start of the disc. These lessons, discussions and demonstrations are designed to cover every aspect of the instrument of interest to students. They include:

1. Introduction
2. The Hoffman RCA
3. Dr. Hoffman Plays
4. Julius Goldberg’s RCA
5. The Etherwave
6. The Ethervox
7. Early Theremin Techniques
8. Aerial Fingering
9. How To Stand
10. The Pitch Preview
11. Amps & Speakers
12. Humperdinck Video
13. The Pitch Hand
14. Vibrato
15. The Trill
16. Technical Freedom
17. The Volume Hand
18. Staccato Notes
19. Applying Efffects
20. The MIDI Theremin
21. Shenandoah
22. MIDI Effects
23. Post Script
24. Vissi d’Arte

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